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About LatinoJustice PRLDEF

LatinoJustice PRLDEF is a national not-for-profit Latino civil rights legal defense fund serving a pan-Latino constituency. Since being formed in 1972 as the Puerto Rican Legal Defense & Education Fund,  we have been successfully litigating precedent-setting impact cases that have profoundly improved the way Latinos are treated in our society.   Our current areas of focus include constitutional rights, immigrants’ rights including the treatment of day laborers, voting rights & redistricting, housing, education, language rights, employment discrimination, and all forms of racial bias that adversely impacts Latinos.  Our primary geographic focus of service is the Eastern United States Atlantic seaboard states from Rhode Island to Florida in the Southeastern U.S. Our legal services primarily focuses on law reform impact litigation and advocacy on issues affecting the Latino community. We typically do not handle criminal or immigration matters. 

LatinoJustice's Latinas at Work (LAW) Project works with low-wage Latina workers across New York City to address systemic and pervasive workplace justice issues.  The LAW Project seeks to address common forms of gender-based employment discrimination faced by low-income Latinas throughout the five boroughs via Know-Your-Rights workshops, legal clinics, impact litigation, policy advocacy and community partnerships.  We also seek to provide referrals to other available legal resources including bar association lawyer referral programs, community-based legal services organizations, and  government agencies that may be able to provide assistance.

Please note that LatinoJustice PRLDEF only handles impact litigation cases.

We serve New York State and all of Eastern United States.

This organization is accessible by wheelchair and provides access for the hearing impaired.



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State: New York
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